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The California Bass Federation (CBF) has multiple regional tournaments throughout the State of California, 24 adult and 3-6 youth events per year.  The tournaments are a low key tournament format for both the novice and experienced angler.  Anglers at all levels can enjoy the competition and camaraderie at a CBF event.

We have 6 Adult regions and a Youth group with their own tournaments in multiple areas as well.

There are three goals for the California Bass Federation events:

  1. Gain new friends – The camaraderie is what the CBF is known for throughout the state!  Many long term friendships have been started at a CBF tournament event.
  2. Learn and improve your fishing skills – Some of best anglers in the country started at the federation level.  Everyone is always learning and the CBF is the best way to hone your skills regardless of the level of your skills today.
  3. Win some money along the way to Angler of the Year for your region – The CBF provides good payouts for the entry fee required ($120 all in).  We want it to be affordable, competitive, but still be fun for everyone!


The TBF Living the Dream package is the dream for every angler.  All you have to do is win the TBF National Championship!

The Living the Dream package includes:

for the Top TBF Boater a $125,000 prize package!

  • A new fully rigged Ranger Boat!
  • $20,000 in CASH
  • Advancement to the BFL All American if eligible, w housing and travel stipend
  • Advancement to the MLF Seris Championship as a PRO!
  • Paid entry fees stipend into any affialited circuit.
  • And more!

For the top TBF Co-angler a $33,000 prize package!

  • $20,000 in CASH
  • Advancement to the BFL All American if eligible, w housing and travel stipend
  • Advancement to the MLF Seris Championship as a PRO!
  • Paid entry fees stipend into any affialited circuit.
  • And more!
  • How do you get there you ask?  IT is simple. Either fishing the California Bass Federation regional events and qualify for the California Bass Federation State Championship OR qualify for the California Bass Federation Club Championship.  Once you make the championship, you will need to qualify for the TBF National Semi-Finals.  Do well enough there and you can qualify to the TBF National Championship!


So what do you need to do?  Follow these easy steps:

  1. Join a California Bass Federation club.  To learn more about clubs, click here.
  2. Identify a region you want to fish by looking at the schedule here.
  3. Download the entry form here.
  4. Send your entry and payment to the Tournament Director for your chosen region by the Monday prior to the tournament.  This is very important, no payments are accepted at the lake on the day of the tournament. Each Tournament Director has their own rules/policies/process for collecting entries/payments.
  5. Verify the start day/time of the tournament and be at the location identified on the website by the time listed.  Do not be late, there is a penalty for being late for the pre-tournament meeting.
  6. If you have questions, contact your Tournament Director.

CBF Club Championship” _

CBF Club Championship 

Info available soon

Club Qualifications (Good Standing) 

Info available soon

The basic entry fee is Angler $100 – Co-Angler $70 Payback is 1 in 5 anglers and is about 60%.

There are 3 options: Big Fish ($10), Top 3 ($20) and 1 in 5 ($20). All options are paid back 100%.

Big Fish is paid out to the angler who has entered the option with the largest weighed fish (see rules for details). The Top 3 option is for every angler who has entered the option, the payback is 50% for 1st, 30% for 2nd and 20% for 3rd. The 1 in 5 option is for every 5 anglers who have entered the option, there will be one place paid out. The percentages vary depending on how many people enter the option.

Total all in is

Angler – $150

Co-Angler – $120.

Making the CBF State Team is the ultimate goal.  The CBF State Team are the top 12 anglers with the most Anglers Points at the completion of the CBF State Championships.

Benefits include:

  • CBF expense compensation for the TBF championship events. The dollar amount will vary year to year and will be determined by the CBF Executive Board of Directors.
  • All CBF State Team sponsor benefits for that year.


The Youth program is critical to the California Bass Federation.  It is the future of fishing!

Visit the Youth link for details.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is reaching the TBF National Semi-Finals the same from the CBF State Championship vs. Club Championship?

No.  By fishing the CBF State Championship, you can make the CBF State Team.  The CBF State Team benefits includes expense reimbursement for the TBF National Semi-Finals.  The expense reimbursement varies from year to year but ranges from $500-1000 per team member for the TBF National Semi-Finals (funds can be used for whatever the member wants).  The Club Championship winners only get their TBF National Semi-Final entry fee reimbursed by the CBF.

2.  Do the club members who compete in the Club Championship compete in the CBF State Championship event to make the CBF State Team?

No.  While these events are held concurrently at the same lake and at the same time, they are two separate events as it relates to the making the CBF State Team.  All competitors (club and regional qualifiers) compete together in the CBF State Championships as it relates to their finish and money winnings.  All club member qualifiers are also able to attend the awards banquet, raffle, etc.  However, club members cannot make the CBF State Team unless they have also qualified through the CBF regional events and compete at the same level (boater or non-boater) during the State Championship.

3.  What if I qualify for the CBF State Championship as a co-angler for the CBF State Championship (via the CBF Regional Events) and as a boater through my club, how do I fish the Championship?  

You will have to make a choice when you register for the CBF State Championship event.  You can fish as a co-angler for a shot to make the CBF State Team or as a boater for the Club Championship.  

4.  What if I qualify for the CBF State Championship as a boater for the CBF State Championship (via the CBF regional events) and as a boater through my club, how do I fish the Championship?  

You get to compete as a boater for both events!  You might be both the CBF State Champion and the CBF Club Champion!  The same will apply for co-anglers.

5.  If I qualify for the CBF Club Championship, do I automatically get to go the TBF National Semi-Final event?

Yes, provided you actually compete in the CBF Club Championship.  Qualifying is the first criteria and competing is the second.  Additionally, you will have to pay your own way for the TBF National Semi-Finals, unless you win the CBF Club Championship.  If you win the CBF Club Championship, the CBF will pay your entry fee for the TBF National Semi-Finals. 

6.  Do I have to be a member of the CBF to fish a CBF Regional Event?

Yes and No.  We allow a new prospective member to fish your first CBF regional event (1) in any region of your choice without membership.  To continue fishing the CBF regional events, you will have to get your CBF membership.  The Tournament Director will be checking your membership after your first event.  To learn more, visit the Join Us page.


Sign up today by finding the region in your area.  Click here for more details.

For TBF District National Semi Finals schedule information, click here.

Still have questions…

If you have questions, feel free to contact your local Tournament Director, CBF State Tournament Director or the CBF President, our contact info is listed HERE