2024 Season Schedule

CBF Tournament Schedules, Forms, Rules

In general, all regional events are one day and for one region.  Occasionally, we will have dual events.  A dual event is where two regions are doing a tournament on the same water at the same time.

For details on requirements and TBF schedules, scroll down to the bottom.

CBF Schedule

Click on the region for regional information.

Region 1 – Delta Region

Send entries to:
Ben Willis, 613 Cardinal St, Lodi, CA 95240, Phone (650) 670-6069

Lake Date Location Time
Delta 2/25/24 B&W Marina
Delta 3/24/2024 B&W Marina
Clear Lake 4/27/2024 5th St Lakeport
Delta 5/11/2024 B&W Marina

Region 2 – Big Valley Region

Send Entries to:
Eddie Hinojosa, 38630 Rd 8, Kingsburg, CA 93631, Phone:

Lake Date Location Time
Millerton 1/28/2024 Fresno Ramp
Pine Flat 2/10/2024 Deer Creek
Bass Lake 3/30/2024 Main Ramp
McClure 4/13/2024 McClure Point


Region 4 – Motherlode

Send Entries to:
Jeff Green, 613 Cardinal ST., Lodi, CA 95240, Phone: (209) 403-6369 after 5pm

Lake Date Location Time
Camanche 1/14/2024 North Shore
New Melones 2/11/2024 Glory Hole
Pardee 4/7/2024 Main Ramp
Clear Lake – Dual Event with Region 1 4/27/2024 5th St. Lakeport

Region 6 

Send Entries to: Nick Elliott, 1958 Caminito Dela Cruz, Chula Vista, CA 91913

billfiddey@gmail.com, (619) 852-4472

Lake Date Location Time
El Capitan 1/28/2024 Main Ramp
San Vicente 2/25/2024 Main Ramp
El Capital 3/24/2024 Main Ramp
Otay 4/21/2024 Main Ramp

TBF/NSF – Hosted by California

Lake Date Location Time
TBA TBA TBA more details to come…

2024 California Bass State Tournament of Championships

Lake Date Location Time
New Melones June 13-14, 2024 Glory Hole TBA


California Bass Federation will be changing the format to Angler/Co angler events.

First, you need to decide where you are going to fish.  Maybe it is near where you live or because you are fishing with a friend.  The schedule below will show you the areas of the state as well as date and times of the event.


  1. Download the entry form here.
  2. Send your entry and payment to the Tournament Director for your chosen region by the Monday prior to the tournament.  Entry deadline is 6:00 PM the Monday preceding the date of each tournament unless it is a postal holiday then it will be the same time (6:00 PM) on the Tuesday preceding the tournament date.  This is very important, no payments are accepted at the lake on the day of the tournament. Each Tournament Director has their own rules/policies/process for collecting entries/payments.
  3. If you identify your partner on your entry form, you will guarantee your spot for the tournament.  Both partners must send in their entry form with their payment for the entry guarantee.
  4. Verify the start day/time of the tournament and be at the location identified on the website by the time listed below.  Do not be late, there is a penalty for being late for the pre-tournament meeting. You will be assessed a flat .25 pound penalty up to 15 minutes, after 15 minutes you will be disqualified.
  5. If you have questions, contact your Tournament Director.

All tournaments are a straight draw. Your partner will be announced at the pre-tournament meeting.

Dual Event

Pay your normal tournament fees and options for each region separately, but fish one single event as a boater or non-boater. Your weigh-in counts in both regions. For travelers this gives you the opportunity with one fishing time to get points in each, you also have the chance to win in either or both regions.

Open Event

The tournament is hosted by the participating region. You do not have to be a member to fish this tournament. No points are accrued.

TBF Divisional Schedules

For information and schedules on the TBF Divisional events, click here.

California Bass Federation Rules 2023