What’s next for the CBF in 2016 and 2017!?

Well, the 2016 CBF season is completed.  I hope everyone had a great season for those who fished the CBF Regional events.  The participation numbers are up from last year with 835 entries across 6 regions!  This is terrific and thank you for your participation!

So what’s next!??
The CBF State Championships and the CBF Club Championships will be held at the California Delta (NOT New Melones) on October 28/29th.  We had to move it to the Delta due to low water levels.
Remember, the CBF State Championships and Club Championship is a boater/co-angler event.  Unlike the CBF Regional events, there will be a separate pot for each.  See the rules on the website at http://www.californiabass1.org/tour-state-champ/.
The 2016 TBF National Semi-Finals will be in early February, 2017 at Lake Havasu.  So who qualifies you ask?? That is the good news!  We will qualify up to 84 people to the 2016 TBF National Semi Finals…all CBF State Championship qualifiers have to do is show up to the CBF State Championships!  This is in addition to the anglers fishing the CBF Club Championships.
ONLY the CBF State Team of 12 people (6 boaters and 6 co-anglers) will have their entries paid and partial reimbursement for travel expenses by the CBF.  All others who qualify to the TBF National Semi Finals will have to pay their way, including entry fees.
The TBF National Semi-Finals has a $200 entry for the boaters and a $100 entry for the co-anglers.  For more information, visit the website at http://www.californiabass1.org/tour-info/ and review the “Road to Living the Dream” tab. Further, for every 50 people (boaters or co-anglers) who compete in the 2016 TBF National Semi-Finals, California can qualify 2 additional people to the TBF National Championships.  So if you qualified….be sure you fish the CBF State Championships…you may also qualify to the TBF National Championships!!!
We are doing the 2016 TBF National Semi-Finals in early February 2017 due to the schedule conflicts, etc.
Next is the TBF National Championships…
Qualifying for the 2017 TBF National Championships is unique for ONLY 2017.  There will be at LEAST 4 CBF qualifiers for the 2017 TBF National Championships competing for the coveted 2 finalists representing California.  Two will come from the winners of the 2016 Regional Championships that recently concluded  (Timmy Wells and Mike Alvarez).  The other two spots will be determined at the 2016 TBF National Semi-Finals on Lake Havasu.  If California should qualify additional people to the TBF National Championships due to participation, they will also compete in the 2017 TBF National Championships.  However, there will ONLY be 2 finalists for the 2017 TBF National Championships representing California.  All 2017 TBF National Championship qualifiers will compete for the 2 finalists spots.  If you have questions on this, please drop me a note at scott@scottsweet.net or call me at 818-448-3366.
Have a great summer everyone and I look forward to seeing everyone at the CBF State Championships/Club Championships in October!