Bullards Bar puts out some nice spots on February 28th! Rocco wins with 12.31 lbs.

Region 3 New Bullards Bar – February 28th, 2016

With all of the recent national attention on this reservoir, Region 3 anglers dreamed of multi-bag weigh-ins of humongous spotted bass. The tournament director even had the calibrated just-in-case an angler weighed-in a potential record. The 49° – 54° – milky green colored water level increased 4.22’ during the week. Unfortunately on this day, Bullard’s Bar proved to be very “ungenerous” to our anglers. However several very nice “football-shaped” spotted bass made it to the scales: one over 6 lbs.; three over 5 lbs. and two over 4 lbs.! From left to right in the photo:

Shawn Mock fished with O’Neal Martin and secured the Big Fish award with a 6.22 lb. spotted beast caught on a swimbait;

1st place: Rocco Radogna fished with Mac McCullough. Rocco anchored first place with a 5.75 lb. spot and caught his fish on senko’s;

2nd place: Roy Desmangles Jr. fished with Matt Nadeau. Roy anchored second place with a 5.84 lb. spot and caught his fish using swimbaits.

3rd place: Mac McCullough fished with Rocco Radogna. Mac anchored third place with a 5.53 lb. spot and caught his fish using swimbaits & senkos. Congratulations guys!

BB Results Picture1


BB Picture2BB Picture3










Shawn Mock – 6.22 lb                                Roy Desmangles–5.84lb

BB Picture4BB Picture5










Rocco Radogna 5.75 lb                                Mac McCullough 5.53 lb